Every year, Out Teach works with schools, teachers, students, corporate partners, and school administrators. From 4th graders who just discovered they love science, to CEOs who just came away from a great volunteer day, our staff members work hard to ensure all of our partners have a great experience.

Sherry Key – Wells Fargo Senior Vice President, Community Affairs

At Wells Fargo, we offer many volunteer experiences for our 5,500 North Texas team members.   Out Teach consistently delivers a seamless, turn-key operation for my team that takes every detail into account with a graceful and personal touch.

Nicolas – Student

When I have contact with the garden and get to have experiences, I learn better than when I just read about things.

Principal Hovseth – Gabe P. Allen Elementary

If a candidate isn’t willing to use our garden to teach, we don’t hire them. It’s that important.

Margarita Hernandez – Principal at Pershing Elementary

In classrooms, as great as they are, some of the learning is artificial. And in that artificial space, you’re trying to teach them about the world. School gardens are trending, but they’re trending for the right reasons. It’s a lot of social, emotional balance and multisensory connections to everything you do.My kids are growing up just looking through life really through a window, they go from door to door. And when you go door to door, how enriching of a life can you have if you don’t go out and explore?

Nina Lattimore – Principal – Capitol Heights Elementary School

One of the things I love to see is how the teachers now use the garden as a tool to help connect to students’ different learning styles.   They’re also connecting subjects to real-life situations and it means so much more to the kids.  Children are hungry for new experiences, and in the outdoor classroom, there’s something new to experience and learn every day.  The cross-curricular applications are wonderful too, especially in Math and Science.  Taking lessons outdoors and weaving them together gives them all more meaning and impact.  You’ll never hear one of our students say ‘Why do I have to learn this?  I’m never going to use this.’  Now they understand that everything they learn at school matters in the real world, because we brought the world into our school.

Maisha Riddlesprigger – Ketcham Elementary Principal

This outdoor classroom increases the J-factor at our school, and by that I mean Joy — Joy of learning and simple joy in these kids’ lives every day. They’re going to look forward to coming to school because of our partnership with Out Teach.

I had a student so excited about a lesson where they’d been measuring, she came running through the halls to come get me and share her experience with me. She had a tape measure in one hand and an onion she’d grown in the other. She showed me exactly how it was done. She was so proud, so thrilled. That’s what school means to her now. Excitement and pride.

The learning garden has been a great way to engaged students in social emotional learning.

The outdoor learning lab is great for kids with I.E.P.s and Special Needs. They’re able to stay engaged in the lessons with the other kids. It’s easier for teachers to make sure they’re not being marginalized.

Jenny Christian – STEM Science Director

Out Teach is an amazing partner not only for our campuses, but also our local communities. The gardens not only instill a sense of pride on the campuses, but also provide outdoor learning opportunities that increase student achievement and whole-child student development.  By providing first-hand experiences through outdoor inquiry-based lessons, students are exposed to real world opportunities that last a lifetime.

Elena Steven -5th grade Science, Henderson Elementary

She loved everything about the learning garden. She’d gardened with her grandparents in Mexico and she was really good at this. Her confidence surged. We’d go outside for lessons and she’d answer questions. After a few lessons outside, she started talking to her classmates and making friends. And she really understood all the scientific concepts behind the lessons we did. By 5th grade, she came up to me wide-eyed and excited and said, ‘I absolutely love science!’ It’s moments like those that I live for as a teacher. To be there when something clicks.

Dr. Maxwell – Superintendent, Prince George’s County.

There’s a shared vision in Prince George’s County of what our schools should aspire to be.

We want our students to be excited learners. We want our teachers to have a deep impact. We want parents to be invested in each school’s success. And we want our facilities to be clean, green, welcoming places that connect children to the larger world. 

That’s why Prince George’s County Public Schools partners with Out Teach, which offers instructional coaching that empowers teachers to bring learning to life. Students who love science and math tend to stick with it, preparing them for the in-demand STEM jobs of the future. Out Teach also creates incredible outdoor classrooms that essentially allow students to take a field trip every day. 

Every parent wants a child who’s engaged and excited at school, and every child deserves lessons that help them succeed in school and in life. We’re proud that Out Teach helps to give our teachers the training and tools they need to achieve our goals.

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