Out Teach is gathering 1,000 “Thank You” notes for amazing teachers, and sharing them here in our Thank You Notebook.

Take a moment to pass a note to your favorite teachers now! 

Charice Chever

Thank you for all the extra effort you make to help the teachers at Boyd Elementary grow in experiential learning. I am amazed at the wonderful work...

A “Thank You” Note from our CEO

A “Thank You” Note from our CEO

To all the teachers in our Out Teach community, THANK YOU for going above and beyond every day to make learning meaningful and fun. We appreciate...

Out Teach Teachers

Dear Out Teach Teachers, You are leaders in your communities and change makers in your classrooms. In a year like no other, it has been powerful to...

Selena Ozuna

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week for you and the teachers at your school!

Matthew Brown

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week for you and the teachers at your school!

Alba Donis

I’m sure you don’t hear this enough, but you’re a really great elementary teacher! Feliz semana del maestro, amiga!

Carmen Colon

You’re everything a teacher should be — kind, compassionate, patient, brilliant—and so much more! Feliz semana del maestro, amiga!

Ms. Alfreda Cook and Ms. Mimi Wilson

Ms. Alfreda Cook and Ms. Mimi Wilson

Sending a big THANK YOU to Ms. Alfreda Cook (pictured, 5th grade Math) and Ms. Mimi Wilson (not pictured, High School Health Science) in honor of...

Mr. Martinez

Mr. Martinez, I learned so much in your 6th grade class! Thank you for introducing us to the Iliad along with Nikki Giovanni. I'm sorry I missed...

Kristine Jessup

Thank you for pouring your heart and soul into your lessons. Your passion for your students is inspiring!

Jennifer White

Thank you for the astounding job you provide your students! You create an environment of trust!

Christopher Chapman

You have made a great difference for all of your students. Because you care so much about them, you have directed them to trust themselves in all...

Ashley Springsteen

Thank you for creating an environment of enthusiasm for learning, appreciation for growing, and room for making mistakes along the way!

Melissa Black

Your love of learning ignited your students' curiosity and made learning much more fun!

Stephanie Leslie

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for being such a wonderful teacher!

Lucuta Flomo

We all notice how hard you work as a teacher. We see what you do, and you make many sacrifices to be a great person and a great teacher, and we...

Kristi Harris

You are a truly amazing teacher who makes a difference in children’s lives every day!

Sabrina Camp

Thank you for creating a space for your students to be themselves, and for being a positive example in their lives!

Kia Gilliam

Thank you for being such a fantastic teacher! Thank you for helping your students explore new ways of doing things!

Avaniben Patel

I’m so grateful to you for your patience, enthusiasm, and passion. Thank you for all of your hard work and dedication!

Melissa Amory

Thanks for being so kind and thoughtful! Thanks for your patience and for the quality of teaching you provide to your students each and every day.

Natalie Figueroa

Thanks so much for being so passionate about teaching young children. I really appreciate your hard work!

Janna Huynh

You are a real star! You put a lot of effort into everything you do and are very diligent. It has been fun working with you this year.

Heather Dziato

It was great to work with you this year! You are so imaginative and creative, with great ideas. I loved all your contributions to our projects. You...

Kioma Renaud

You are such a bright and cheerful person, and I enjoyed working with you this year! You bring a lot of enthusiasm and encourage your students to do...

Megan Kratz

You might hear this all the time, but I don’t think it is said enough. Thank you for being a wonderful teacher!

Isabella Sanchez-Pimienta

Thank you for the additional efforts you have made during this pandemic to ensure the children are not left behind at school. It is certainly not...

Karen Ours

Thank you for an amazing year full of fun experiments and interesting lessons!

Lemuel Colon-Vega

Thank you very much for all your hard work. I want you to know that all your hard work doesn’t go unnoticed!

Milagros Rios

Thank you for challenging your students to their best and instilling them a passion for learning to excel!

Gerika Luna

Thank you for not making your students learn the way you wanted to, but teaching the way they wanted to learn!

Olufemi Jayeola

Thank you for all the fun activities you include in your classes to enhance learning, proving the fact that learning can indeed be fun!

Natalia Fuller-Walker

Thank you for making your classes special and interesting and enjoying with your innovative teaching.

Kristen Bryant

Thank you for being dedicated and passionate about teaching your students!

Taylor Tilford

Taylor Tilford

Congrats to Taylor Tilford from @pole_ash for being nominated as an Out Teach Carolinas Teacher of the Year! She has been a great advocate for...

Maria Martin

Maria Martin

Maria Martin from @WHES_Hawks in @DallasSchools has been nominated for the TX Out Teach Teacher of the Year!!! We have loved hearing about the...

Brittany Conner

Great Teachers never try to be the best teachers. They simply bring out the best in their students. You definitely are one and I want you to know...

Ms. Sandra Rodriguez

Thank you Ms. Rodriguez for all you have done for our Bilingual students this year! Your patience and guidance during such a hard time has helped...

Ms. Maria Rosa Arribas

Thank you Ms. Arribas for all you have done for our students this year! Your patience and guidance during such a hard time has helped more than you...

Dan Stover

A special thanks to my favorite teacher, Dan Stover, who brought his lessons to life and cultivated a love for the outdoors and conservation. It has...

Cristina Llamozas

Ms. Llamozas thank you for your dedication and passion for teaching our students during this tough academic school year. I have enjoyed being in...

Jenny Powers

Jenny thank you for your excellent work this past year. I was excited when you were recognized by receiving the Drs. Singh and Bhuller Tri-Cities...

Vickie Villarroel

A good teacher is patient, kind, and thoughtful. You have been all of these and more to your students. Thank you!

Virginia Lowe

You’re genuinely a phenomenal teacher. Thank you for really going the extra mile to help other teachers and students!

Melissa Capets

Ms. Capets is an advocate for inquiry based science education not only in her classroom but throughout her school and district. Ms. Capets sees...

Ms. Shanice M. Wilson

Dear Ms. Wilson, I want to highlight your efforts as a phenomenal teacher. You've taught in-person & online, given directions to students,...

Stephanie Gonzalez Ramos

Stephanie Gonzalez Ramos

Stephanie Gonzalez from @PewWildcats encourages students to be the best they can be by modeling how working hard contributes to excellence and for...

Gregg Franzwa

Thank you, Gregg. You were a mentor, friend, bandmate. But first, you were my teacher. You were the first to teach me how to think about thinking,...

Joe Kuban

The memory of Dr. Joe Kuban (1950-2009) lives on for those who were inspired by his love and curiosity for the workings of the natural world....

Igone Moreno Igoa

Thank you, Ms. Moreno, for being such an amazing Science teacher this school year. Even though this school year's lessons have had to be virtual,...

Theresa Grass

Ms. Grass taught my 4th grade math class at the Academy of the Sacred Heart in St. Charles, Missouri. She was the first to see my potential after...

Megan Grierson

Megan Grierson

Megan Grierson from @stonemountainES proactively seeks out opportunities to enhance her instructional skills. That is why she has been nominated as...

Mrs. Adrienne Cruz in San Ramon, CA

Thank you so much for being such a kind, positive spirit through an extraordinary year and making remote learning = fun! Our son thrived in your...

Mr. Aho

Hi Mr. Aho! You have been extremely caring and you have cared about not just how I'm doing in school (although you do care about that a lot which is...

Ms. Gontovnick

Hi Ms. Gontovnick! I've enjoyed so much of our time together and I have especially enjoyed all of the inside jokes and songs we have made for ELA....

Madeline Respeliers

Madeline Respeliers

Congrats to Madeline Respeliers from @SCCAKnights for being nominated as an Out Teach TX Teacher of the Year! Your commitment to writing creative...

Muriel Himmelberger

Sending a big thank you to Mrs. Himmelberger (aka my Grammy) for teaching high school back in the day. Grammy is so kind, smart, and thoughtful - I...

Joy Hartman

Joy Hartman

Joy Hartman from @Garrettheights2 infuses infectious enthusiasm into her teaching. In anticipation of hybrid learning, she incorporated the outdoors...

Mr. Eunynx Jacques

Mr. Eunynx Jacques

Shout out to Eunynx Jacques from @HBGonzalezPLA for being nominated for TX Out Teach Teacher of the Year! We love how you have embraced the Out...

Ms. Lois Rodgers

Ms. Lois Rodgers

Thank you, Ms. Rodgers, for sparking my interest in literature and making writing so meaningful and fun. I think of you often, appreciate you...

Mrs. Kelly

Thank you to my wonderful 3rd grade teacher, Mrs. Kelly, who helped inspire the whole class to read more. All these years later, and I haven't...

Mrs. Dwight

I've heard it said that we learn our most important lessons in Kindergarten, and as a former student of Mrs. Dwight at Westrcreek Elementary in Fort...

Christine Rey

Christine Rey

Thank you to Christine Rey from @garrisondcps for your outstanding professionalism. She is a passionate teacher who enjoys learning from fellow...

Sherea Cook

Thank you Ms. Cook for taking the time to get to know each of your students this year! You have worked tirelessly to ensure you stayed connected and...

Emily Broussard

Thank you Ms. Broussard for all you have done for Trevor this year! Your patience and guidance during such a hard time has helped more than you will...

Ms. Walker

Ms. Walker

Kristiann Walker from @APSHAES in @apsupdate consistently engages and inspires her scholars. That is why she has been nominated as the Southeast Out...

Susan Gleeson

Susan Gleeson

Congrats to Susan Gleeson from @faystreetelem in @DurhamPublicSch for being nominated as Carolinas Out Teach Teacher of the Year. We love your...

Jazmine Witherspoon

Jazmine Witherspoon

Our first Out Teach TX Teacher of the Year Nominee is Jazmine Witherspoon from @SolarSTEAMGirls in @Dallasschools. We love your positive attitude,...

Mrs Conchita

Thank you for your dedication and for challenging me, supporting me, lifting me up, calling me out, and for not letting me give up. You did all...

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