Our instructional team in the Carolinas wanted to share the following  ideas on hurricane-based lessons with schools in south-eastern states.

We are at the peak of hurricane season. Students have natural curiosity surrounding this weather phenomena and hurricanes can be integrated into your classroom instruction to engage students. Here are some ideas:

  • If we have direct weather impacts take your students into the outdoor classroom to make observations.
  • What types of clouds do we have, what direction are they moving?
  • What direction is the wind blowing?
  • Measure any rainfall.
  • Incorporate weather instruments.

If we do not have direct weather impacts, live stream from an area having impacts and discuss.

  • Track hurricanes using coordinate grids or lines of latitude and longitude.
  • Discuss state names and locations on a map.
  • Graph information for each hurricane this season (total rainfall, category, wind speed)
  • Discuss what causes a hurricane and why hurricanes peak around this time of year (warm water, Gulf Stream, etc).
  • Integrate non-fiction text and research projects.
  • Allow students to think of service projects you can integrate into your classroom (creating cards for first responders or linemen, bringing in change collections for various relief organizations, etc).
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