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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Statement

Out Teach is built on the fact that new and different experiences add knowledge and perspectives that help everyone grow and succeed.

To that end, we embrace diversity, equity, and inclusion practices not only because they are morally important, but also because these efforts strengthen the organization so that we may better serve our partners and help them towards their goals.

When individuals from diverse races, ethnicities, viewpoints, experiences, physical abilities, economic backgrounds, genders, and sexual identities and orientations share their experiences, and we all listen, value, and learn from one another, we become stronger, more innovative, more efficient and responsive, and better able to navigate new challenges.

At Out Teach, the ideals of diversity, equity, and inclusion guide our staffing, partnership, and strategic decisions every day. It’s the way we’re meant to be. So -- Be Yourself. Be Fair. Be Present.

Be Yourself.

We are all very different in many ways. We actively seek to improve our understanding of one another’s experiences through systematic hiring, training, and learning. Staff, board members, partners, and stakeholders are all encouraged to share their diverse perspectives and experiences so that we may all benefit.

Be Fair.

Organizations thrive when they ensure everyone is treated consistently and equitably. From employee retention strategies, to regional structures, to partnership models, we are thoughtful, transparent, and reflective, and work to ensure that our systems and practices are fair, helpful, and clearly communicated. We share a genuine passion to create opportunities for all to thrive.

Be Present.

In order for staff and stakeholders get and stay engaged, they must be welcomed, included, and valued. We embrace the complex and rich identities of self and others so that each person brings their unique perspective to bear to help Out Teach make decisions, achieve objectives, and remain a great place to work.

Diversity Equity and Inclusion metrics will be measured annually via a staff survey.

Diversity Equity and Inclusion initiatives have been built into the fabric of Out Teach via a revised handbook, prioritization in the proposed Strategic Growth Plan, and adoption in the meeting structure of Out Teach. An ongoing HR Task Force spearheads this work. We are also establishing metrics around recruitment pools.