We had such a great month talking to teachers and sharing the stories of how they work to #SaveScience all year long.  In particular, Ms. McKay’s Class at Denton Creek Elementary took up our #SaveScience/NOAA Thanksgiving Weather Challenge, using historical weather data to predict what the weather would be on Thanksgiving Day.  Thanks to the ever-engaging experiential learning champion Martha Brown for getting them involved!

The challenge itself came to us from our friend Andy Horvitz at NOAA (National  Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration).  You can read his blog here.  He became fascinated with weather and science as a child while spending time outside in a dynamic real-world environment.  Though he received no formal instruction in meteorology early on, the ever-changing outdoor environment was captivating and excited his curiosity, fueling self-guided learning.

For the challenge, Ms. McKay’s class did well guessing the daily low, but missed the daily high temperature because historic data doesn’t take current weather trends into account.  Rather than get discouraged, Ms. McKay’s class got curious and started looking at the different global phenomena and weather trends that guide professional forecasts.

To further feed their curiosity, and as a special reward for their great work, we’ve arranged to have Ms. McKay’s class interview a local National Weather Service meteorologist!   Great job Ms. McKay!  And please pass our congratulations along to all of your terrific students.  Their work really blew us away!

Check out classroom tweets from their learning journey:
Ms McKay’s Class analyzing historic data
Class Prediction
Prediction vs Actual
And watch the forecast video the class created!  If only they had a green screen!


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