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February 7th, 2022

Outdoor Learning All Year Long – Four Favorite Lessons!

There’s still plenty of ways to accelerate learning outdoors

It may be chilly, but there’s still plenty of ways to accelerate learning outdoors! Check out our open educational resources, including a few staff favorites:

Out Teach notebooks outdoors

Weather Data Collection

Grade 5

Watch your students transform into meteorologists!

This lesson challenges students to capture weather data using simple tools to track the weather over time. With real-world data in hand, students build a meaningful understanding of the relationship between different weather elements, and practice making informed predictions.

Weather Data Collection Lesson

Outdoor garden in progress

Area and Square Feet

Grade 4

Students work in teams and learn to apply math to real-world challenges!

Students create a planting guide for the garden. By using the square foot gardening method, students create a perfect real-world context to learn more about area, multiplication, and square feet.

Area and Square Feet Lesson

Two students writing in notebook outdoors

Erosion Text

Grade 4

Take students on a journey of discovery – exploring the outdoors to find evidence that supports or denies the existence of erosion.

Students read a complex text and begin exploring for signs of erosion, recording observations in journals, using vocabulary from the text to label what they find. Students are challenged to devise solutions to erosion problems they find.

Erosion Text Lesson


Earth’s Rotation

Grade 4

Students track the shadows on a sundial throughout the day to better understand the rotation of earth.

Students collect data throughout the day working in pairs to trace shadows and record the time in order to learn about the relationship between the Earth, Sun and Moon through hands-on observation.

Earth Rotation Lesson

“Kids these days don’t get enough time to think for themselves. If we want our students to become 21st Century problem-solvers, they need opportunities to start building those skills early. Taking them outside for hands-on real-world lessons, asking them hard questions, and letting them puzzle through it gets students engaged and focused, and trains them how to learn on their own.”

— Jenny Liu, Norton Park Elementary, Cobb County, GA

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