Corporate Partnerships that work together

The Out Teach corporate partnership model is 100% customized to help our partners address their unique business needs while helping students and teachers be their best.

Out Teach works with partners to leverage our programs for a variety of activities, including:

— Employee and executive engagement — Public relations and paid media content production — Government affairs programs — Cause marketing campaigns

Each program is a strategic team effort that supports communities like Charlotte’s West Mecklenburg neighborhood as a focal point. Hear more about how it comes together from Principal Anthony Calloway.

Employee Engagement
Mercedes-Benz Financial Services has made Out Teach a go-to provider to help execute its annual Week of Caring volunteer program. Objectives: — Deliver 10 turn-key anchor events across Dallas-Fort Worth for Mercedes-Benz Financial Services’ annual Week of Caring volunteerism campaign. — Align with a non-profit that has deep local impact where employees live and work. Partnership Activation: — Out Teach’s signature Big Dig partnership program provided customized account service for all project needs – dedicated account management, recruiting support and electronic registration, event hospitality, materials and supplies, training, etc. — Out Teach leveraged strong school relationships and to identify locations a series of Big Dig events that aligned with Mercedes-Benz’s timeline. — Over 1,000+ employees were engaged during 10 Week of Caring events managed, planned and executed by Out Teach. — 95% of employees rated their experience at each Out Teach event as “Excellent” in their internal employee satisfaction surveys.

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“Out Teach does volunteerism right.  Their projects are always a highlight of our Week of Caring.  The team always leaves fulfilled, knowing that the lasting contribution to the schools we support makes a real difference for teachers and students.” – Greg Ruvolo Manager, Community Relations & Digital Media
Executive Engagement
Hilton needed a way to highlight the commitment of its CEO and Executive Leadership to its signature global giving campaign. Out Teach used social media to make it happen. Objectives: — Create a signature volunteer event in the company headquarters market to support internal CSR campaign, “Hilton Global Month of Service.” — Increase social engagement across Hilton properties. — Engage Hiltons’ Executive team in meaningful service activities with local students. Partnership Activation: — Hilton leveraged a Big Dig sponsorship close to their headquarters in Maryland to capture original content for storytelling across social, PR and internal channels. — Out Teach liaised with school administrators to assemble a panel of students to conduct a Facebook Live interview with Hilton’s CEO, which was broadcast across Hilton properties’ Facebook pages during the Big Dig event. — 10 members of Hilton’s Executive Team were engaged in project design events in addition to serving as Team Captains for group projects at the Big Dig alongside 180 additional employee volunteers.

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“Out Teach organized a fantastic partnership for our team to work alongside students to design and build a learning lab they can enjoy for years to come. I agree with many of our Team Members who said this is the best community partnership we’ve ever undertaken.” – Chris Nassetta CEO
PR and Marketing
Target selected Out Teach to work with an agency and network broadcasters to develop and produce PSAs to run as part of a paid media blitz on CBS and Univision morning shows. Objective: — Generate positive PR using an Out Teach-focused television campaign to support Target’s new CSR strategy in a priority market. Partnership Activation: — Target leveraged its on-going partnership with Out Teach to produce original content for both English-language and Spanish-language television morning shows. — Out Teach worked with film crews and on-air talent to coordinate the shoot location, interview subjects, media releases and message training for teachers, students and Target staff. — Thirty-second and one-minute segments were produced and ran as part of month-long paid advertising campaigns on Dallas-area television morning shows.

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“Out Teach is an organization that provides a high-level of service that meets a wide-range of our objectives. They are a partner who takes the time to understand and plug into our strategies to add value to how we engage the community.” -Elisa Juarez National CSR Manager
Government Relations
A Farm-to-Table breakfast event provided the perfect setting to announce the latest round of program grantees to elected officials and local influencers. Objective: — Promote community investments by Duke Energy and Piedmont Natural Gas to elected officials, community officials and other influencers. Partnership Activation: — Out Teach partnered with local celebrity chefs to produce a Farm-to-Table breakfast for more than 100 guests, featuring remarks from Duke Energy leaders and student/teacher program participants. — Duke Energy leveraged the event to secure coverage from 5 print and television outlets to announce the Foundation’s new grantmaking initiative. — A “How-To” family gardening activity feature was developed for the company’s Illuminate platform and distributed to all Duke Energy customers and employees. — A media follow-up generated a feature for a local radio interview program to commemorate Martin Luther King Jr. Day and the Out Teach program impact in the African-American community.

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“The attention to detail on partnership execution is what sets Out Teach apart.  The planning process helped us formulate a successful strategy to promote our partnership, including a signature volunteer event that engaged local elected officials and community leaders, as well as a feature story and video for our brand journalism site and customer communications.” – Dominique Johnson Duke Energy Foundation
Cause Marketing
When the Sprouts Healthy Communities Foundation need collateral and messaging to launch its first-ever in-store “Round Up” campaign, it turned to Out Teach. Objectives: — Communicate the launch of the Sprouts Healthy Community Foundation to Sprouts’ customers. — Pilot a point of sale marketing campaign to fund the Sprouts Healthy Communities Foundation through customer donations. Partnership Activation: — Out Teach partnered with Sprouts to create point-of-sale visual collaterals and messaging for cashiers to launch its first company-wide, in-store cause marketing campaign. — More than $200,000 was raised from customers at check-out during a one-week Round Up campaign. — The success of the pilot program has led to twice yearly implementation, with annual growth of 10-20%.

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“The new Out Teach brand has continued where REAL School Gardens left off. It provides a clear set of pillars and promises that allow us to convey how our foundation is making a difference in the communities we serve.” – Lyndsey Waugh Executive Director, Sprouts Healthy Communities Foundation
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Out Teach, formerly REAL School Gardens, provides professional development for elementary school teachers. Out Teach prepares them to use school gardens, outdoor classrooms, and green schoolyards to improve instruction through three-dimensional project-based learning, and outdoor experiential inquiry-based education. Professional learning with Out Teach improves hands-on science and STEM education through instructional coaching and digital education resources and improves 21st Century skills.