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Students Achieve More Outdoors

As an Available Vendor to APS schools, we train K-5 teachers, through ongoing one-on-one coaching, to become experts in cross-curricular instruction, utilizing outdoor learning spaces to engage students. Our training incorporates STEM, Math, Science, Literacy, and the Arts and allows APS teachers to teach in any outdoor space.

Ultimately, our program achieves results.
Partner schools have seen standardized test proficiency rates increase 12-15%.

Our program has received the support of Dr. Carstarphen:

“I am highly confident that Out Teach (formerly REAL School Gardens) will help schools reach goals surrounding student achievement, teacher training, job satisfaction, and retention, as well as community engagement. Their program will provide schools with the tools that teachers need to foster student skills such as exploration, critical thinking, creativity, collaboration, and deductive reasoning.”

To read her full letter of support, click here.

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Class Outdoors

Choose from three programs:

Build & Train Program

  • Corporately-funded custom outdoor classroom, designed by registered landscape architect
  • At least 14 instructional features aligned with school’s curriculum strategies
  • Planning process includes “Design & Dine” Event, engaging entire school community
  • Culminates with one-day community engagement “Big Dig” event, with up to 150 corporate and community volunteers
  • Out Teach secures 100% of corporate and regional contribution
  • 2 Year Train & Support Professional Development Program Included

$150,000 3-year total program cost
$120,000 Corporate and regional contribution
$10,000 annual School contribution for 3 years
Total cost to school $30,000

Enhance & Train Program

  • Corporately-funded Garden Enhancement, custom-designed to enhance or revitalize existing garden.
  • Designed by registered landscape architect with multiple instructional features
  • Planning process engages entire school community
  • Culminates with half-day community “Enhancement” event, with up to 50 corporate and community volunteers
  • Out Teach secures 100% of corporate and regional contribution
  • 2 Year Train & Support Professional Development Program included

$96,000 2-year total program cost
$76,000 Corporate and regional contribution
$10,000 annual school contribution for 2 years
Total cost to school $20,000

Class Outdoors

Train & Support Program

  • One-on-One onsite professional development aligned to state standards and school strategies, scope, and sequence.
  • Our Instructional Coaches are licensed teachers with an average 18 years teaching experience and a Master’s degree.
  • Utilizes existing outdoor learning space for programming
  • 48 total in-person, one-on-one coaching sessions plus full staff trainings
  • All programming occurs during regular school days with no need for subs or extra hours
  • Schoolwide access to our online Coaching Center

$60,000 2-year total program cost
$40,000 corporate and regional contribution
$10,000 annual school contribution for 2 years
Total cost to school $20,000

Funding Options

Atlanta Public Schools encourages schools to be creative with how they fund their responsibility of the program and recommends considering multiple funding sources including general funds, Title I funds, STEM Funds, Title II funds, philanthropic funds or other special revenue.


    By the end of our Professional Learning Program, teachers are able to:
  • Create and implement standards-aligned, STEM-infused lesson plans that integrate the outdoor classroom as a tool
  • Utilize the outdoor space to academically challenge students to apply knowledge to solve meaningful, real-world problems
  • Foster important cognitive and social-emotional skills such as collaboration and problem-solving using the outdoor classroom
  • Increase student engagement through student-driven, exploration-based learning
Class Outdoors

Long-term Results

Our Professional Development Program produces measurable gains for our school partners.

94% of our teachers report more engaged students
Teacher effectiveness and job satisfaction increases an average of 50%
School district data shows that standardized test proficiency rates at partner schools increased by 12-15% overall. Regression analysis attributes 1/3 of that growth to our professional development.
97% of our gardens built since 2007 are still actively used for academic instruction

Out Teach, formerly REAL School Gardens, provides professional development for elementary school teachers. Out Teach prepares them to use school gardens, outdoor classrooms, and green schoolyards to improve instruction through three-dimensional project-based learning, and outdoor experiential inquiry-based education. Professional learning with Out Teach improves hands-on science and STEM education through instructional coaching and digital education resources and improves 21st Century skills.